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In love there’s no way to predict certain things once you’ve jumped into the realm of commitment. From there, you can expect the unexpected and you’ll discover new things almost every day.

Unexpected things can happen at any moment really. It’s not the same as when you start getting to know someone a little and you can predict what he or she will do next.

If there have been big changes, you may feel like you know exactly where your relationship is headed next. Don’t assume things and don’t take action until these circumstances actually come about.


You’ll be presented with job opportunities without notice, and on that same note, you’ll be accepted by all of the ones that you’ve applied to.

Pisces will continue to be lucky in work related matters, and today will also be the perfect day to find or attract a job offer. Right now you know exactly where your sector is headed and you know just what to expect and what not to expect from companies.

In the past you got excited and made the mistake of thinking that the reality of your sector was much different than it actually is. However this hasn’t brought down your morale, but in fact just the opposite: you’ve learned to adapt yourself to your environment.


If you showed yourself half the love that you show to others, you’d feel much better about yourself. Not only is loving ourselves the key to being able to love others, but also, it allows us to enjoy life more.

It’s always beneficial to have a positive outlook on life, and although every day is different, walking around in the darkness doesn’t get us anywhere. It’s time to come out and face the light, and to leave the gray days that have brought you down behind.