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Pisces Magical Horoscope for 6th February

Check Your Forecast for Today, Tuesday 6th February
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Don’t even think of doing such a ridiculous thing! You think that no one cares about you but it’s not true, don’t fool yourself; especially over someone that you hardly know. Delete that person’s number that you just met ASAP, the cosmos caution that this person will only bring problems to your life.

Remember that love doesn’t usually come when we call, Cupid usually shoots his arrows when we least expect it, although sometimes his criteria for shooting them may seem questionable and tasteless.


The fact that your company is launching an incentive, isn’t usually something that generally interests you. You’re not an especially competitive person and sometimes you think it’s hardly worth struggling for something that you’re not going to achieve.

Anyhow, this time around the reward that they’re offering to the person that reaches the target will motivate you and you’ll want to give it a shot. Also, since it’s something that you can do in a team it will seem even more attractive: having the support of others is always a good thing in your eyes. Good luck!


You’ve been able to meet all of the challenges of your diet but you’ve been feeling hungry for the past two days. Every time you close your eyes you see all of your favorite foods that you’re not allowed to eat, especially sweets.

This is your body trying to trick you into giving up, think that if it’s used to getting certain nutrients, it will believe that it needs them.

Now you’re starting a “detox” process to rid your body of all of the unhealthy foods that you eat. Anyhow, if you feel agonizingly hungry or if you feel too tired, don’t think twice about seeing your nutritionist.

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