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The Friday January 19th Pisces Horoscope

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Any relationship with our partner comes fixed by being constant and being consistent with our feelings. People ruled by Pisces tend to be extremely sensitive and romantic, and they are always willing to give and receive love. 

To show you are a good Pisces, you must have these feelings within your heart and not force them to see the light. You have recently realized that your attitude has changed over the last months and is very different: you left details aside and you are stuck with the routine. Who knows if it is something long-lasting or something fleeting. 



Personal problems do not have to lead to more problems. You must be aware of it if you want your day at work to be productive.

You find the goals set by the company far at this point of the month and this is something which worries you a lot, deepening your discomfort and overwhelming you because you cannot find peace anywhere. The fact of being completely exhausted prevents you from facing certain people, but there is no other solution than smiling. 



You should give up camomile as you see it does not help with you stomach-ache. You will need to find a remedy for your stomach-ache with which you woke up this morning.

Try to prepare yourself a cup of ginger and lemon tea to heal your dizziness. Lemon juice may be used when we suffer from stomach heartburn. Along the day you will end up thinking that you need lemon juices. 


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