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The Thursday January 18th Pisces Horoscope

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This is a bittersweet day for Pisces who are single. It is very likely that Pisces will today be touched by Cupid's arrows and they could feel a huge love at first sight. 

Nevertheless, your appeal will not be your main advantage and you will feel as if you lost any chance to conquer that person. But there is no need to make too much of this: the stars position reveals that someone who will become very important within your life will show up today, so do not give up and let everything follow its course. 


Today you will notice that there is something you have to do: helping this companion who seems not to be very well rated in your company. You will try to create situations which help them speak up and gain limelight without letting the others feel it. 

It is your kind-hearted personality and the unselfish snap which have seen the light today and will make you act like a secret guardian angel. You are aware of the fact that there are occasions in which it is better to stay behind the problems and tiptoe them while being unnoticed. Karma will give you a reward for this. 



Feeling cold is one of the things you do not like at all, and even more if you notice it all in your hands and feet. You will not believe, but this will be the reason for your head to believe you are incubating an infection or an illness, and you will behave yourself as if your health was injured. 

Far from what you believe, keeping your hands and feet cold maintains a direct relation with the digestive system. It happens when this has to function more than it should, focusing on it most of the heat of the organism. Eating too much or doing it in the wrong way are some of the causes of the extra effort your digestive system has to do.