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The Wednesday January 17th Pisces Horoscope

The stars predictions for Pisces
The predictions for Pisces according to the stars |


During this week you will have to face some loving mishap. You have assumed that things may not happen as you desired, but you will go through some moments in which you will feel that others do not share your oppinions intentionally.

You do not understand why your partner doesn't feel like doing things with you though you used to, and this predicts that something goes wrong.  Changing your habbits or not following them in a strict way may not be a bad thing. 

Piscis who are single will find it hard to seek love, so they will look for different ways to find it. 


The allineation of the Sun with Pluto, as well as the Moon having direct relation with Capricorn, must only mean good news for you as for job and economics. 

Your professional expectations you had foreseen will be accomplished and you will have the chance to succeed -like in this business journey you are about to take. 

Moreover, you will find a new method to control your outlays and rationing your incomes will become somewhat important. You have before you a prosperity period which you will know how to take advantage from. 



Winter storms is something very common in this season. During the week you will have a to face an enormous cold  which you like so little and you will not believe you end up with a flu. At the very first sneeze, you will let others know that you possess a flu. 

You will be waiting for these symptoms which do not arrive, and your health will lead you straight into bed despite not suffering from fever. After this behavior hides a strong need to call the others' attention. Is it what you want?


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