Pisces MONTHLY Horoscope

19 Feb - 20 Mar

Pisces monthly: Your horoscope for the month of January 2020

Love: A great month in your love life

Venus will enter your sign and will propitiate affection and passion in your relationship. Pisces, you’ll have an incredible sex appeal and your beloved won’t be able to resist showering you with compliments, caresses, gestures and attention (and you’ll love it). Your attitude will also be romantic and there’ll be days where you’ll want to talk less and enjoy your sexuality more, and others where you’ll want to have deep chats to strengthen your bond.

If you're single, you can use the positive energy to conquer any heart you want. You mysterious, sensitive and sensual halo is perfect to enrapture anyone. But, funnily enough, you’ll pick wealthy people.

You’ll have some reproaches towards a maternal figure which will generate arguments which will only be sorted by the end of the month.

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Money: Illusion over new projects

You’ll encounter several interesting projects (or you’ll come up with them yourself) and you’ll want to kick-start them all at once. The illusion of new beginnings will fill you with joy and enthusiasm, but soon you’ll realise that you need to focus on one or two for them to be successful.

From the 13th onwards, your most creative side will be enhanced, and you’ll avoid mundane or boring tasks. You’ll have a lot of available inspiration to make the most of if your job is related to the arts or the senses.

Jupiter will favour your personal image, so it’s a good month for delivering presentations, creating social profiles and networking.

You’ll be austere with your money for the whole month. Your available funds will be low, and you’ll have to manage them efficiently. During the last week of the month, you’ll be prone to lending money or making investments which are doomed to fail.

Health: Watch your cholesterol!

With the Capricorn Stellium and so much energy in the environment, you’re likely to suffer migraines and to have to carry out energy cleanses of your home and body.

On a physical level, you have to keep an eye on your cardiovascular health and avoid deep-fried foods or saturated fats. You should also go for a walk at least half an hour a day, especially while the sun is out (always wearing sunscreen, of course) to get the vitamin D you need.

Channel your vibrations and thoughts in a creative way, rather than getting lost in a world of ideals that don’t exist.