Your Pisces Horoscope for December 1

Your Pisces prediction for Sunday, 1 December 2019
Pisces horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope

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December begins and with it, the Christmas halo that characterizes it. Plus, the moon in Aquarius invites you to have fun and enjoy yourself this first Sunday of the month.

The atmosphere in your relationship will be relaxed and full of peace and love. It will be a great day to get your Christmas tree up and invite your friends over for a homemade meal. You could play some board games after dinner, laughter is guaranteed.

If you’re a single Pisces, you’ll be overcome by a feeling of nostalgia. You’ll imagine yourself hugging someone, being cuddled up together on the couch drinking hot chocolate and watching a romantic film. Your heart will shrink seeing there’s no one by your side (yet). Why don’t you spend your time today helping out at a soup kitchen rather than wallowing in self-pity?

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Black Friday was two days ago, but you know that most companies cheat on the prices so you’ve decided to wait a couple of days before you do your Christmas shopping. You’ve been dropping hints left, right and centre of what presents you’d want as, although you might not openly say this, you usually don’t get what you want.

Tomorrow Jupiter enters Capricorn and it will be the perfect time to expand professionally. Make the most of today to make a list of goals you’d like to achieve next year.


You’ll feel physically cold all the time. You might be nursing a cold or the flu. Drink plenty of fluids, rest at home and wrap yourself up in blankets.

With your sixth sense more active than ever thanks to Neptune, it’s a good day to practice mysticism, such as chiromancy (reading the palm of the hand) you’re sure to discover something about yourself that will astound you.