An encounter with someone from your past who mistreated you and against whom you were helpless will mark your mood today. You’ll feel the way you used to feel back then: small, helpless, vulnerable and hurt. You might even be overwhelmed by tears.

If you can’t value yourself, turn to your loved ones: your mother, your father, your brother or your best friend. You’ll need to hear how much you’re worth and how important you are to some people. Fight to avoid falling into that pit of despair again. Remember that people don’t do things to you. They just do things. You’re the one who chooses how you feel about that.

If this helps you regain your self-love, write a letter to that person about how they made you feel. And then burn it as a way of venting.

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You’ll need a personal financial plan urgently. It’s a good day for this as the moon in Virgo will help you organize yourself efficiently. This month it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to spend a single penny on whims, but the important thing is for your basic needs to be covered.

Save water and electricity to have a bit of wiggle room in case any unforeseen events happen, as during the last ten days of this month Uranus will be very active and you might have unexpected electronic malfunctions.

At work, you’ll still have ups and downs. You might even plan to look for a more ordinary job as, at first sight, it seems easier. But you need creativity, Pisces, or you’ll despair.


Hugs are like quick energy recharges that change our mood. Make use of them to connect with those who love you and to feel happier.

If you’ve discovered a beauty spot, skin tag or mark on your skin that wasn’t there before, go to your doctor’s to rule out cancer.