With the penumbral lunar eclipse in Cancer tonight a period that has lasted 6 months will come to an end. During this period, you may have noticed that your opinion regarding your children or romance has evolved or changed. Until very recently, you probably were sure you didn’t want to have children (or to have any more children, if you're already a parent), but now you're not so sure anymore.

You’re probably thinking of starting he quest for a baby or laying the foundations to do it in the near future.

Romanticism in your relationship has changed: you're both more affectionate and you say nice things to one another. Plus, discarding ideas and feelings of dependence has improved your relationship.

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Your areas of creativity and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. And the universe has probably helped you work independently where you can exploit your creativity and natural skills. The project you've started is probably still just a hobby, but if you work on it this year, it could become your profession.

The sun combined with Mercury will make professional and work matters easy for you. Especially those which allow you to improve your social status.

You might also achieve improvements for the whole community. This means that if you make proposals to the leaders of your neighbourhood community or even to your local council, they will be carried out.


Slowly but surely, you’ve been uncovering information about who you are, what you want and what your mission in life is. On a mental and energy level, you've come a long way, Pisces. But this internal and spiritual transformation project still needs to continue for another couple of years before you can guide others.

Your body will demand you have your favourite dish, treat yourself by cooking it, and enjoy every single bite.