Uranus is straight with regards to Taurus in your area of close circles and short trips. This is why from now on you’ll see people enter and leave this circle. You’ll meet very interesting new people, or in your circle of friends and acquaintances, there could be pregnancies, weddings or breakups. You’ll struggle to keep up with other people’s lives because of how fast it changes!

This will particularly affect your siblings (if you have any), as they’ll go through very sudden and exciting changes.

The moon will keep giving you that feeling of needing to be at home, enjoying love and your partner. From noon onwards, cuddles will make way for passion and enjoying your sexuality.

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Your area of basic studies and communication will be affected. It’s a good time to sign back up to study if you haven’t finished your basic education. But you’ll need to do it freely. Online study will give you the flexibility you need.

Pisces, if you're a professor, this is a great time for you as your communication skills will be at their best until June, and you’ll help others understand better.

You might become some sort of leader regarding a spiritual or social matter that you're passionate about and where you feel you hold the truth.

You’ll spend money on impulse purchases. They’re whims you've wanted for a while now. Don’t feel remorse, you rarely spend money on yourself.


There are months of short trips ahead of your where you’ll discover new and unusual places ahead. Using these life experiences to learn about other cultures and opinions as they’ll help you in your personal and spiritual growth.

There's an astrological predisposition to suffer a cardiovascular problem. If you feel your hand or legs are number than usual, go to your doctor urgently.