Pisces Horoscope Wednesday
Your Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday | Magic Horoscope


The tense aspect of your North Node in your zone of children and romance could bring to light the feeling that you are tending more to the care and needs of your parents rather than those of your partner and you could feel very trapped by responsibilities of the home, Pisces and the boring day to day routine which dampens the flame of spontaneity and passion.

Nevertheless, instead of getting angry you will seek agreeable solutions which may establish some norms and routines which may make you feel happier and which will bring you more free time.  

If you are single, the wounds of the past will stop you from trusting others when someone is giving you compliments.



You will be rewarded in the field of work, despite the fact that your creativity is slightly clouded. You could take on the more technical and structural aspects of projects that you are involved in. If you are unemployed, fortune will smile upon you and you will find work through a friend or near to your home if you have left Curriculum Vitae or job applications with local companies

If someone asks to borrow money, there is hardly any risk of it not being returned. What’s more, this person could do you a great favour when the money is returned which could enhance your wealth.

The Pisces natives who go on a journey during these dates will make good friendships and interesting contacts whilst abroad.

People who work in the field of Law will have a good day.


You will feel very optimistic and you will be drawn to people who are in the same frame of mind. You will want to be in happy environments with enthusiastic people. This astrological climate will raise your vibrations and you will feel happy and you will learn a lot from the stories and experiences that other people tell you.