The tense aspect between Venus and the north node affecting your area of self-worth will make you distrust any compliments aimed at you. But not because you think your partner is complimenting you because they have something to hide but rather because your self-esteem will be low.

Other days you feel you can face anything and your reflections on the mirror is that of someone who’s pure magic and beauty. Today, you won’t be fully convinced by any outfit you wear or any hairdo you choose.

Your partner will try to make you feel good and loved at all times. And, although you don’t fully agree with their opinions about you, you’ll be grateful for all the love and the nice words they regale you with.

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At work, you’ll also notice this energy and you’ll prefer to blend into the background if you have to attend meetings or if your team needs a spokesperson for any tasks. You’ll be very critical of the work you do, and nothing will seem good enough. It’s alright to be self-critical in order to improve, but don’t be self-destructive.

It’s not a good day for small purchases or investments as your judgement won’t be at 100% and you could end up buying things that you’ll regret in the near future.


Pisces, we also don’t recommend having a makeover motivated by the feeling that it will make you look better. Because when you leave the hairdresser’s and get home you might have an “OMG what have I done?” moment. And it’s not the end of the world, your hair will grow back. But we encourage you to leave the makeover for next month’s full moon.

You’ll feel as if your body was only on 50% battery. Eat healthy foods and prioritize those that are packed full of vitamins and minerals.