There could be small sparks in heated conversations regarding social and financial matters in your love life.

It’s a good day to explore and question whether the life you lead as a couple is headed in the same direction, or if your future plans are incompatible.

You could discover a new perspective regarding your didactic method and the boundaries you set with your children. But today the energy will put them in a “rebel without a cause” mode and there’ll be no way of getting them to agree to anything.

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Capricorn’s famous stellium is activated today. The explosive accumulation of energies caused by the triple combination Saturn-Mercury-Pluto has brought you socio-economic changes in the past. The crumbling of old structures and the rebirth of new ones, and this year will be no exception. And, even though this seems quite vague and like it doesn’t affect you directly, it really does.

You’ll turn to ideologies that you think benefit the whole community. You could become very active on social media sharing news, polls and upcoming events with great social repercussion.

Although you might feel frustrated due to how slow change is in manifesting.

These months you might go through a period of uncertainty at work, and it's always best to have some cash stacked away. So, don’t spend your savings, or start saving now if you don’t have any.


So much potent and intense vibrations in the environment and in the attitude of others could overwhelm you, Pisces. Cleanse your house and yourself with rosemary, this will do an energy cleanse.

It’s also advisable to go for a run or biking to blow off the excess energy. If you can’t, then channel it through art. For example, by drizzle painting.