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Brace yourself for a strong shock, Pisces. The full moon in Taurus will activate in your area of personal image, and it will be in opposition to this month’s dominant energy: the sun in Scorpio (which is in conjunction with Mercury retrograde) which will be in your area of relationships and marriage.

These aspects today will lead you to the conclusion that you’re no longer the person you were a few months ago, not even the same person you were yesterday. Your essence remains the same but you’ll have a high level of consciousness. You’ll value everything you’ve learned, because they’ve made you who you are today.

The new version of you, and a lack of understanding with your partner that has been there for a while, will lead you to ask for a break. You’ll need to reflect on whether your partner fits with this new version of yourself.

If you’re single, it’s the perfect day to have casual encounters where you can fully experience your sexuality with no strings attached.

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A day with a tendency to losing money. If you can, avoid making investments or lending money, because you’ll never get it back.

At work there’ll be a good atmosphere of camaraderie. You’ll carry out your tasks neatly and you’ll hand them in sooner than expected. At meeting your opinions will be taken into account to reach a mutual agreement that pleases all parties involved. And during your breaks there’ll be laughter and good vibes.


After a fruitful day at work, so much chatter will give you a sore throat. To fix this, avoid eating or drinking cold things and take a couple of spoonfuls of honey before you go to bed.

The day you decide to work out, your legs and knees hurt. You’re not being constant with your workout routine and your body can feel it.