Your insecurities will turn into a feeling of possessiveness towards your partner. You might make the error of invading their privacy and go through their phone or computer behind their backs. All due to an impulse that will make you feel a false sense of security. That is, spying on your partner shows an enormous lack of trust in yourself and in your relationship and it’s wrong. Very wrong.

If you can't love yourself how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? If you don’t trust the other person, why be in a relationship with them? Saying that you’re only seeing who “likes” their posts or follows them is no excuse either. And, if you’ve already been betrayed by this person and this is why you don’t trust them, reflect on whether what you feel is love or just dependence.

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The planetary positions favour the Pisces who work with models, in diplomacy, sales and distribution of beauty products. For this reason, if you work as a model, then it’s a good day for a photoshoot or to send your portfolio to a prestigious agency.

During the next two and a half weeks you won’t have issues getting money if you make an effort and move in environments linked to your profession or hobbies. In exchange, you’ll have to control your impulses or buy furniture or decorations that captivate you with their elegance, and which you know would look great in your home.


Wrinkles are beautiful, spots and scars are a part of you and none of this makes you less worthy as a person. Don’t obsess looking for every imperfection in your skin and work more on your daily routine to improve your appearance and your health.

Stop making up potential scenarios where someone hurts your feelings and observe reality.