Venus enters your sign, Pisces! And it does so through your area of personality, individuality, personal image and aspirations. Your appearance will become very relevant from today until the beginning of February. You’ll be coquettish, you’ll want to look elegant and always be on point.

You’ll radiate an aura of warmth, kindness, love and sensuality which will be perfect to search for and find your other half. More than ever, you’ll know how to put yourself in the shoes of others and how to give good advice. Your mere presence will make everyone around you feel better. You’ll have a magnetic charm and congeniality.

You’ll avoid conflict by playing dumb just to preserve the mental peace you now have. Another danger of this influence is the extreme idealization of your beloved.

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Your sensitivity will be enhanced when it comes to art and creativity. This is perfect if your profession, hobby or project is related to music, dancing, painting, creative design, literature, etc. Make the most of this influence to get inspired and create a better thing.

You’ll also seek joy through participating in events and projects to improve your surroundings. Or you’ll help those who need it at work (colleagues and supervisors). You could use new technologies to help you create a help network with other people.

Money could come from unexpected sources. When you do what you love and follow your intuition, the universe provides what you need.


If you carry some childhood trauma, this Monday you’re likely to seek the approval of others at every turn.

You’ll embark in your pursuit of happiness by trying to meet your needs and those of others.

Your spiritual side will be very important for you in this personal growth process.