You can keep on repeating that Valentine’s Day is a consumerist holiday but deep down you know you’d love to get an unexpected romantic gift. Plus, the moon in Scorpio increases your sensitivity and feelings.

You also won’t be able to hide your disappointment if your partner’s gift doesn’t please you. With Venus in Aries, your face will immediately reflect whether you like their gift or not, or whether you’re disappointed.

If you’re not in a relationship, you’ll try to convince everyone that this day is just a marketing sham and that you don’t mind being on your own. But you're only fooling yourself, Pisces.

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You’ve spent more money than expected on your beloved’s gift. But you don’t care, anything just to see them beaming with happiness. But if the other person spends a lot less you will kick up a fuss. Perhaps not so much because of the money, because you would have wanted it to be something personal, lovingly wrapped, and that they knew you wanted with all your might. Remember that it’s the intention that counts.

Your day at work will drag on due to your desire to get home and celebrate Cupid’s day. Or the complete opposite, lock yourself up at home to not have to see any more heart-shaped decorations. Be professional and focus on your tasks.


Feelings and emotions are flaring and depending on your external world you’ll either be a teddy bear or a ticking time bomb. Try to contain your primary impulses and take a breath before you speak.

Your nerves will show in the form of restless legs and feet. What better way of blowing off some steam than consummating this 14th of February by enjoying your sexuality with your partner.