Pisces Horoscope Saturday
Your Pisces Horoscope for Saturday | Magic Horoscope


This Saturday there are two strong aspects positively touching your area of personality, beginnings, friendships and joint projects. You’ll have a very objective perspective to see the truth, you’ll have the ability to unmask people and see what they truly are or what they want. A touch of coldness will allow you to cast aside that which gets in your way, whether it’s people, feelings or other aspects of your life.

You’ll be able to use these strengths to solve certain doubts in your relationship, as you’ll quickly notice when you’re being lied to or when they’re withholding information.

Knowing the qualities of your child’s sign will help you better understand their actions and needs.

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Organizing dinner or a meal with old classmates from school or university is a great idea if you're trying to make new connections which can open doors for you. It will be an experience that will make you happy and at the same time it won’t be invasive when you enquire about other people’s work or projects.

At work, you’ll have a great ability to direct, work in a focused way and you’ll have immense inner strength. The energies point out that there’s a spiritual or societal guide within you, as you’ll be great at picking up and transmitting abstract, spiritual or mental elements or ideas through words.


It will be a day of great vitality and proactiveness for Pisces, there will be no room for laziness or procrastination. Good health will be on your side, and you won’t notice how tired you are until you crawl into bed after such a productive day.

Your artistic skills will dazzle thanks to your mental flow.