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As a Pisces, you have the ability to put yourself in other people’s position but you feel no one puts themselves in your place, no one understands you. But don’t feel like an outcast or a misfit, on the contrary. Appreciate and be grateful for this gift the universe has bestowed upon you. For being able to deeply feel other people’s pain and joy. For being connected with the whole universe on a higher level.

If you get past this feeling of being like an alien in your surroundings, you’ll be filled with pride and lots of love.

After this inner resurgence, you’ll have a happy day with your partner and anyone who comes into contact with you.

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At work a colleague will try to take advantage of you by dodgin tasks and asking you to do them instead with a made up excuse. You’ll accept because you’re nice. But someone else who has overheard the conversation knows they’re lying, and will secretly speak with your boss on your behalf, letting them know everything that has transpired.

If you have your own business, something similar will happen with an employee who will call in sick and then you’ll bump into them in the afternoon, all happy and shopping around.

If you’re negotiating to buy a house, it’s a good day to make an offer for less than the asking price, they’ll probably take it.


Your low spirits will be lifted once, come noon, you connect with your essence. You’ll be aware of your virtues, quirks, and you’ll realise they’re what makes you so special.

Go over your schedule, you have a doctor’s appointment sooner than you think and you might forget about it and miss it.