You probably have an argument with a maternal figure. With Mars in Sagittarius leaving your area of “the mother” you’ll be more revolutionary than usual. You might be too harsh with your word which will hurt the other person’s feelings. But tomorrow the planet of war enters the stability-loving sign of Capricorn and your relationship with that person will be pacified and solved.

The waxing moon in Scorpio might make you a bit paranoid. You might imagine signs of unfaithfulness from your partner where there’s none. Or the opposite, you might feel you have a very deep and spiritual connection with your beloved. A spa session or thermal baths will strengthen your bond.

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You’ll have to make a purchase linked to your health. Spare no expense, Pisces, as it will have a huge influence on your daily wellbeing.

Also, on Monday Mercury’s first retrograde of 2020 starts. So, if you have to make any purchases of appliances, do them now.

On the other hand, the stars indicate there’ll be moments of celebration and fun where excess and wasting money are assured.


Sleeping in an awkward position could give you a strong headache and neck pain. It’s not the first time this happens, so perhaps it’s time to change your pillow.

Research online the different components and shapes of pillows, look up reviews from people with your same problems and go to a specialized store to get an expert opinion. We also recommend taking a hot shower before you go to bed to help relax your muscles.