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You’ll want to look your best. You’ll do your best outfit, you’ll put your makeup on carefully and you’ll coif your hair as if you were attending the Oscars in person. And naturally, your partner won’t be able to resist your charm. You’ll get showered in compliments and cuddles but you’ll play hard to get.

Today you’ll feel powerful, Pisces, and you’ll have the reins of the relationship. You’ll be the person who seduces and you’ll allow yourself to be seduced in a very intimate and fun game.

If you’re single, you’ll also present the best version of yourself, and your self-confidence and nonchalance will attract many people with whom you might have a fling.

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You need to close some deals and send some reports or orders before the weekend. Time will go against you and you’ll be racing against it all day long. Ask a colleague or employee that you trust for help, otherwise you won’t meet the deadlines and you’ll be in a world of trouble.

From your couch, you can answer correctly nearly all the questions on your favourite TV show. Why don’t you take a chance and sign up for it? It will be a new experience, you’ll have a blast and you’ll make some extra money.


You’ll want to feel pretty, and to look good you’ll use all the body lotions and moisturizers you have. That’s not how it works little fish, for those serums and moisturizers to work on your skin, you need to be constant and use them daily (in the morning and in the evening).

The stress from work will leave you exhausted by the time you finish, but a good nap to recharge your batteries will do you a world of good. Especially if you don’t want to have to leave the party at midnight because you’re tired.