Pisces horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


It’s a great day to visit your family, bake them a cake or some cookies. Take out the old picture albums from when you were little and reminisce about the good old times. Laughter and affection will create an atmosphere that’s full of love.

You’re super affectionate with your partner, you’ll hug them every time you cross paths at home and you’ll cover them in kisses. Any other day this would overwhelm them, but today they’ll reciprocate your affection.

If you’re single, you’ll declare your love for someone you like by writing a poem and putting it online without tagging the person, to see if they get the hint.

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There’s still a month and a half left before Christmas, Pisces, but you’re determined to get your Christmas shopping out of the way a lot sooner this year to save some money and avoid unnecessary queues. You’ll sit in front of your laptop and you’ll start making a list of presents, you’ll search for and compare prices, and you’ll add some items to your shopping basket. This is a good strategy, Pisces.

A marathon for charity will be held where you live and, although we know you’re not very athletic, you’re always willing to help out a good cause. Approach the organization and volunteer for any tasks, you’ll meet very interesting people.


Your levels of energy are low and you won’t want to move your body too much, except for cooking. You’ll want to eat something yummy and you’ll roll up your sleeves and get to work on your favourite dish. You’ll feel proud of yourself and you’ll enjoy a delicious meal.

On a mental level, this day will benefit from strengthening your emotional bond with your nearest and dearest: your family or your partner. You’ll feel safe and happy if they’re by your side.