Pisces Horoscope Tuesday
Your Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday | Magic Horoscope


Your aura will vibrate high and you’ll want to share your positivity and desire to smile with the world. Especially your family, partner and children (if you have any). Your good mood, sassiness and nonsense will fill the atmosphere with joy.

You’ll know how to cheer anyone up, even that friend who is going through a hard time and needs less drama and more laughter in their life.

If you’re single, in your efforts to woo the person you like, you’ll turn into a character out of a rom-com and you’ll cast aside your own personality. You can’t forget yourself! You’ll only woo them for real if your actions are in line with your personality, exaggeration won’t help you.

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Sometimes we fall into the trap of consumerism bombarding us with marketing left, right and centre. You even have more than one of each thing, and some you don’t even use at all. Why keep old mobile phones in a drawer? Broken things or things you don’t use drain your home’s energy. Don’t throw them away, give them to a charity shop.

At work, due to the energy of Capricorn, it will be a day where opposing opinions between bosses and colleagues will create a tug of war which will spark arguments among some.


You're great at expressing your feelings and absorbing the energy of others. For this reason, although it’s a happy day before you go to bed you need to visualize, while you're showering, how all the negativity goes down the drain while the waterfalls on you. You’ll rest much better after that.