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This Monday starts with the moon in Leo and Venus still in Sagittarius. Thus, there’ll be a lot of the fire element in the atmosphere. This will give you a lot of energy and you’ll be more passionate about your partner.

It’s a great time to do activities with your partner to blow off some steam. To combine it with your romantic personality, a good idea would be, for example, going for a ride on a tandem bike or, if you’d rather be close to your element, renting a little boat on a lake so you can both row together.

If you’re single, make the most of this influence which will boost your self-esteem and you’ll feel very self-confident to take a leap of faith and ask the person you like out. The answer will probably be yes, so the plans we mentioned above will come in handy as well.

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Even though travelling isn’t convenient (Mercury’s still retrograde), it is a good day to plan a long trip to that city of place that you love. But this time you won’t want to go overboard with the expenses, but rather just be a normal tourist. You will want to live as the locals do. This is the best way to learn about their culture, it’s a great idea Pisces!

At work, you’ll be asked to cast some of your duties aside and you’ll be trained on new skills which, at first you won’t understand anything about. Patience little fish. Focus and pay attention, ask as many questions as you need without feeling embarrassed. Little by little you’ll get the hang of it.


Your levels of energy will be great and you’ll have to blow off some steam to be able to sleep at night. Play sports and avoid eating sugary foods. At the end of the day, you’ll see that you’ve made the most of it and you’ll feel very satisfied.

On a mental level, it will be a happy and quiet day, except for a little stress at work.