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Mars’s (the warrior planet) entrance in Scorpio (predominant energy this month in your area of relationships and marriage) will be noticeable today. You’re the most empathic sign in the Zodiac and you always put yourself in other people’s position. But today, you’ll be very direct with your words and you won’t take any hostages.

You’ll tell your partner what you want and how you want it. You’ll cross the ts and dot the is and your requests will be firm and clear. This attitude will extend to any things you want to change in your relationship: how the housework is distributed, where you’ll go on Christmas, what you like sexually and how you like it, etc.

If you’re a single Pisces, you’ll clear your contacts by deleting your ex’s number once and for all. You’ll be determined to find someone who values you the way you deserve.

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You have some hidden jewels that you’ve very fond of. The Universe’s energy makes you get rid of them as most of them have negative energy inside. Put them in a little box and thank them for the lessons learned. Take them to a place that buys gold and jewels, sell them and buy some whims.

At work, your team will get told off by your boss because someone hasn’t done a good job. This is an unfair situation, but it’s not the time to be pointing fingers, this would only create more tension. Control your temper until you’re out of work and then let it loose. Don’t bring your anger home with you.


Do you really never have time to work out or is it that you always have a million excuses to get out of it? You have all you need: activewear, trainers, internet access where there’s thousands of online classes, or perhaps even a gym membership. What you lack is willpower!

And of course, the season of nougat and family meals is fast approaching and you might think “I might as well wait until January”. Don’t listen to your ego’s lazy advice, start today. You need to take your physical health a lot more seriously.