Pisces Horoscope Monday
Your Pisces Horoscope for Monday | Magic Horoscope


If you think that your partner does not love you like before, instead of constantly asking them every day (which will only annoy them) instead concentrate on their body language. This speaks much louder than words.

If when you talk they look into your eyes, they are interested in what you say, they move closer to you, they stroke your hand when you are sat next to each other, they hug you spontaneously, they smile after kissing you, or sit or stand right next to you rather than a long way from you etc.. All these actions are signs that they are still very much in love with you. Just go with the flow and enjoy true love!

The single Pisces will not want to go out anywhere. The perfect evening’s entertainment will be an ice cream or popcorn and a film. But it will do you good to go out and get some air. 

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The planetary aspects are urging you this year to be your own boss, but to start a business is never easy money and the bureaucracy can hold you up for months. Perhaps you could consider the interesting option of buying an already established business that is up for sale so as not to have to start from zero. That way you can benefit from an existing client base and you will start with some form of foundation.

If you need help (economic or otherwise) do not hesitate or doubt about asking friends and family. They will undoubtedly help you just as you helped them when they asked for assistance.


Mentally you will seem like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Sometimes you will be certain about something but a few minutes later the opposite will be true. Weighing up the pros and cons of any subject can become a real headache.

You will need to stop this internal dialogue and park these topics so as to deal with them calmly another day.