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Little fish, you know there’s energies mightier than us which, secretly, coordinate everything that is. Nothing happens by chance. You should do some soul searching to: firstly, accept and love yourself. And secondly, to accept all the changes that are coming into your life. These changes will happen on a personal level, both in your relationship and your friendships.

You’ll probably need a couple of days to be completely disconnected from everything and everyone to extend that transformation to every cell in your being.

A spiritual retreat, even if only for a weekend, will greatly benefit you and help you clarify your thoughts and feelings. The ideal place for your new awakening would be somewhere surrounded by nature with meditation workshops.

If you have children you’ll also need some time to yourself. Don’t feel guilty, let them stay with their father/mother or ask a relative if they could take them for the weekend.

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You’ll get a call telling you that you’ve passed an interview you had not long ago. But to confirm you’re the best candidate you need to pass a psychotechnic or a second language test, how do you feel about this? If you haven’t been practicing lately, you need to quickly review your basic grammar and vocabulary.

Plus, there are many apps that help you get back into the rhythm of it. Another piece of advice is to watch series or films in that other language with subtitles in that same language.

Pisces, you need to change your laptop, you can restore factory settings as much as you like but it’s still very slow, so you’ll have to find some extra money. If you have a job, ask if you could work some overtime. Otherwise, you’ll have no choice but to borrow money or sell some valuable belongings.


Your mind is about to explode and you feel you need to go somewhere far away to scream and get it off your chest. You could do that, or you could go to your local gym to take it out on a punching bag, this way you’ll get rid of the negative energy and you’ll work out at the same time. You need some days OFF to recover your mental health.