Pisces Horoscope Saturday
Your Pisces Horoscope for Saturday | Magic Horoscope

There is a motto in astrology that says, "Universal judgement overrides individual judgement". In these agitated days when the world is uniting to fight the pandemic, read our prediction carefully but always be aware of the indications of the authorities.


It’s not a day to enjoy your individual independence but to bask in your emotional commitments and bonds. You’ll have to split the day, as many people want to see you and have a nice chat. It’s as if they all had been waiting to see you at the same time. You might even have to postpone some dates with friends and spread them out throughout next week.

It’s a very leisurely Saturday, where you won’t get bored even for a second. plus, you’ll be the centre of attention in most conversations, which will make you feel loved and even honoured. Their interest on your physical and mental health is welcome, isn’t it?

Those who are single will have a busy, and mostly happy, day, but come night-time they’ll miss having someone to cuddle with.



Right now you value comfort a lot, and you’re not thinking of changing jobs or making great financial investments. Some Pisces will suffer these days (or have already suffered) being made redundant or having their hours stripped down at work. It’s a heavy blow as, all of a sudden, you’ll be propelled out of that comfort zone.

The saying “misery loves company” won’t sit right with you, so you’ll get to work straight away to update your resume and you’ll sign up to all the online job search websites you can find.

If you had a trip planned in the next few months, you probably won’t be able to go, and you’ll have to postpone it indefinitely.


It looks like you’re finally paying your physical health the attention it deserves. Start slowly and persevere, this is the key to success.

Plus, taking an interest in the ingredients and additives of the foods prepared, and looking them up, will help you become aware of what you’re putting in your body.