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A good friend from your youth who lives far away will come to visit you and you’ll invite them to stay with you. It will be a generous but impulsive action. But when you get home and tell your partner you’ll realise you should have asked them first. Eventually, your partner will give in, but when they see you get on like a house on fire with your friend, they’ll feel threatened.

You’ll have to handle the situation with care if you don’t want your partner to feel left out, otherwise, they’ll get really angry.

If you’re a single Pisces, you’ll still enjoy little adventures in your love life, without getting your hopes up. A date here, a conversation there, some flirting with an acquaintance… you’ll have fun with different people.

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You won’t be able to disconnect your mind in the morning, even though it’s Saturday, you have to prepare documents to run some errands on Monday. And naturally, you’ll get ahead of things to avoid starting the week buried in things to do. A good solution for next time would be to digitalize your documents and bills, this way you’ll find them much faster and you’ll save paper.

By spending half the day at home you’ll spend less money. In the afternoon, rather than going out for a drink, you’ll invite your friends over to play board games, this way you’ll enjoy their company and will have fun while at the same time, you’ll save money.


Today you’ll be prone to getting athlete’s foot. To avoid this, wear open-toe shoes, made of leather, not synthetic materials. If you’re at home, the best thing will be to go around barefoot. After you shower, pay special attention to that area and dry your feet thoroughly with a cotton towel.

On a mental level, it will be a day of contrast. In the morning you’ll be stressed due to all that paperwork you have to gather, and in the afternoon you’ll be happy and relaxed in a positive environment surrounded by your loved ones.