Your Pisces Horoscope for November 24

Your Pisces prediction for Sunday, 24 November 2019
Pisces horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope

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You’re fed up of your partner’s ex trying to meddle in your life. And due to Mars’s transit in opposition to Uranus in your axis of self-partner/marriage, you could have a fit of rage and attack them. Not physically, but by facing them to make it clear that you don’t want them in your life, that they should forget you or you’ll take legal action against them.

This will be a very tense and unpleasant situation Pisces, but once you’ve said everything you think to their face, you’ll be overcome with a feeling of relief and freedom.

After this adrenaline spike, an intimate session with your partner will shake the very foundations of your home.

If you’re single, you’ll also enjoy your sexuality, even if it’s just on your own.

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Lately you haven’t seen eye to eye with your business partner regarding how to organize your company’s staff. And this will lead to you making a drastic decision: selling your shares of the business and starting a new one on your own. Perhaps, before you get to that point and do something impulsive, you could hire a mediator or an adviser to sort those differences out.

It’s only natural that you’re always treading water when every time you go to the shop you spend money on notebooks, pens, organizers and pretty post-its. Do you really need 5 different notebooks to organize your daily life?


You have a strong feeling of disenchantment with the world. You’ll be saddened by the thought that most people don’t have a kind soul but, rather, are moved by self-interest and, oftentimes, want to hurt others just because they’re bored.

Don’t let this bring you down little fish! There’s many good people doing good deeds for others and for the planet. Perhaps you’d feel happier if you participated in helping out towards a cause that you believe in.