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Your determination in your projects and the hard work you’re putting in will make you very attractive in your partner’s eyes. Self-confidence is a sexy attribute that you rarely exploit Pisces.

Seeing this new power within you, you’ll command them to do certain things in the bedroom. And they’ll love this too, and so will you (even if you feel a bit bashful at first, just shake it off and enjoy the moment).

If you’re a single Pisces, a friend will talk you into creating a profile on a dating app. Your shyness is grateful for these technological advances, but you know that, to truly open up in a conversation, you need to feel the other person’s energy.

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Pay attention to your phone over the next couple of days. An important phone call will bring you closer to getting some money or property through an inheritance on your mother’s side. Make sure this inheritance is free from chains, to avoid getting a nasty surprise in the future.

It’s a good time to sign up for that master’s degree you’ve been wanting to do for years. You know it will involve a great deal of effort, but the rewards will be worthwhile (both in terms of learning and in terms of connections). If money is an issue, ask in different banks to see if you can get a loan and pay it back in installments.

At work, you’ll have to analyze the company’s current situation, whether you’re an employee or the owner of the company. Important commercial deadlines are approaching and you want to be prepared to face them.


You’re not greatly fond of Mondays, but since you had a good night’s sleep, you’ll wake up with more energy than usual. Your disposition to face the day and your physical health will be great.

On a mental level, this will be a day where you’ll set small goals as you go, and no one and nothing will be able to distract you until you’ve achieved them all.