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With Mars and Mercury in your are of relationships and marriage, it will be a hectic day in your love life. This isn’t a bad thing though, it means that you will fight for your relationship: to improve it. You’ll ask your partner how they think you could improve, what things you should change, what your long term plan is, if you both agree on having or not having children in the future, etc. The energy will be for rolling up your sleeves and getting to work hard to improve things.

Perhaps this is just a silent cry for help so your partner joins in this fight with the same enthusiasm and commitment that you have.

The new moon in Sagittarius encourages the single Pisces to look for love where they normally wouldn’t. Signing up for classes for something you’d like to learn could be a great way of finding a partner.

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From today until the 27th at noon, the stars will influence you to make excellent decisions in terms of investments. Make the most of the available energy to move your savings to companies which your intuition and knowledge predict will be profitable. Keep an eye on foreign companies in particular.

On a personal finances level, you’ll strive to spend only the bare minimum when it comes to home purchases. All of your budget will be calculated to the penny to achieve your long term dream of travelling halfway across the world.


This day requires a strat with mantras and positive affirmations. Spend some time repeating your favourite mantras and positive affirmations aloud to fill your body with energy. The best thing will be to do it when you wake up, before leaving the house, you’ll be overcome with a feeling of energy which will help you face the day with great optimism.