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The day at work will drag on so much that you will barely see your partner. Plus, when you get home all you’ll want to do is have dinner and sit down on the couch to watch a series that allows you to disconnect from the thoughts and stress of the day.

Don’t worry. At times, to be happy after a long day, all you need is to just sit together holding hands while you watch the telly in peace.

If you’re a single Pisces, your best friend’s partner will blatantly hit on you when your friend isn’t around. They’re someone you find physically attractive but don’t fall into the temptation or you’ll bitterly regret it when you lose your friend.

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You’ll be a good politician. You have empathy, you can put yourself in other people’s position, you’re compassionate, you won’t waste money and you’ll worry about the environment. Your surroundings are in a whirlwind and you see the solutions very clearly. You could join a local political party that matches your ideals, or better still, create your own!

Your lack of focus at work yesterday has left you with twice the workload to do today. You could leave at the end of your shift, but you’re responsible and know that you’re the only one to blame for this delay. Therefore, you’ll stay at work until you’ve finished all the pending tasks from yesterday and today.


The harmonious aspect of Mercury in trine with Neptune will enhance all your senses and you’ll be able to pick up on the vibrational energy of others and of your surroundings in general.

From yesterday until tomorrow you might have very vivid or even premonitory dreams. So, from the Magic Horoscope, we recommend that you write them down as soon as you wake up.

A psychic ability might also awaken in you.

On a physical level, it will be a stressful day and you won’t even be able to stop for a cup of coffee.