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A friend will need your advice on matters of the heart. They’re going through a crisis in their relationship and they know you’re the person who listens to them and understands them best. Whenever you have a minute you’ll exchange messages. Truth is, you’re friend won’t follow your advice because they’re paralized by fear. But the fact that you’re by their side, supporting them, will mean the world to them.

This might annoy your partner a bit. You’ll be constantly on your phone. If you explain what’s going on (without going into details) they’ll understand, and they might even give you their opinion and offer their perspective.

If you’re a single Pisces, love won’t be on your side today. Therefore, the best thing you can do is focus on your job and friends.

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At work, you’ll notice your colleagues will be acting as if the weekend had already started. This will irritate you as you’ll struggle to focus on your tasks. At a certain point, when you run out of patience, you’ll be the spoilsport and you’ll ask them to shut up and get back to work.

You’re set on spending as little as possible this month to organize your December expenses, but this won’t stop you from organizing something for the weekend. Making some sandwiches and spending the day at the beach or visiting a natural park are things you can do while spending little to no money at all.


The waxing moon in Capricorn until the 30th of this month is a great time to get a haircut. If you have split ends and want to get rid of them, know that your hair will grow faster and stronger.