Pisces Horoscope Tuesday
Your Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday | Magic Horoscope


You’ll spend many hours submerged in the depths of the web, navigating through social media and texting with your family and best friends. Your partner will be annoyed by this and due to the tense astral climate, you might snap back at them. So an argument might break out.

But you’re the only one who knows if you're right, how many hours have you spent on your phone looking at frivolous things? Most things you see are make believe lives where nothing bad ever happens, everyone is happy, and they all travel loads. And your friends talk to you online so much because you barely ever see them and it’s your only way of keeping them updated. Perhaps you owe someone an apology, Pisces...



Venus and Saturn let you see if you exude love for what you do, if you love your job. If that’s not the case, today might be a turning point in your career. Did you know that, as a Pisces, there are certain careers or professions which fit your personality perfectly? If you don’t deny your instincts and learn to know yourself profoundly, you’ll find your vocation.

You’ll have an expense linked to your community or place of residence, it might be paying a tax or penalty.


If your hands are rough, this Tuesday is ideal for intensive nutritive care to give them softness and hydration. Almond or sesame oil will be great for this.

You have to be careful with 21st-century addictions, amongst them is the addiction to mobile phones. You should control how much time you spend on your phone, as you could use it on much better things such as reading, working out or practising a hobby.