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You’ll be confused by your partner’s passive-aggressive attitude. Anything you say will generate an unexpected reaction. Ask them what’s going on, perhaps they don’t know how to ask you for help and, for this reason, they’re behaving like this. Let them know you’re on their side and that they can tell you anything.

If you’re a single Pisces, you’ll get a bucket of cold water (metaphorically speaking) when you learn the person you like is in love with your friend. Before you kick up a fuss and start thinking no one will ever love you, remember there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

If you have children, mind the way you talk to them. Being honest is great, but you also need to be tactful. Find the right balance to avoid unnecessary trauma.

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You’ll be so obsessed with all the things you have to do at work tomorrow, that you’ll struggle to enjoy your Sunday. Stop getting ahead of yourself, this only causes anxiety. So you can spend the rest of the day in peace, the best thing will be to make a list of all the things you have to do on Monday, and sort them by priority and urgency.

Be careful because drinks might get out of hand. You’re happily chatting with friends and relatives and you’ll order one drink after another… until you start seeing double. And, of course, you’ll get a shock when you go to pay the bill.


Your body is a bit stiff, and you’ll have to do some stretching exercises. You’ll especially have a lot of accumulated tension in your neck. Book a back neck and shoulders massage for this week, so you can feel like new.

A song from your childhood will sound on the radio and it will leave you feeling happy and smiley over the next few hours. You’ll reflect on what you’d say to your 10-year-old self.