Pisces horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


The moon will perfect its waxing quarter in your sign today, Pisces. For which emotions will run high and you’ll be more sensitive than usual. But since it is in your house XII you’ll just want to lock yourself up at home and, if possible, not have any contact with the outer world. You’ll just want to connect with your partner (if you have one) and receive cuddles and hugs.

On a family level, it will be a quiet day with your children, but you might be overwhelmed by their energy and need to take some distance from them. The best thing will be to explain to them how you’re feeling while reminding them of how much you love them, to avoid hurting their feelings.

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The favourable aspect between Mars and the North Node in your areas of partnership, projections and close circles will favour those who have their own company. It could be that someone with money and power has learned about your project and wants to finance it or buy part of your shares.

Even if you want to sell your business, it’s likely you’ll achieve it today.

It’s also a good day to make new investments both in local and foreign companies.

On a professional level, there won’t be any changes. If you’re unemployed, you’ll continue to be so and if you are employed, you’ll have a normal day at work.


You’ll have to stay well hydrated throughout the day with water as your body will need some sort of inner purification. You’ll also benefit from a healthy diet: eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, especially those that also hydrate you indirectly such as pineapple, cucumber, celery or spinach.

Make the most of the moon’s energy to connect with yourself and your intuition. It’s also the perfect night to carry out a ritual to attract anything you want into your life.