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You’ll have a great disappointment if you expect your partner to behave the way you want them to or the way you think they should. You need to stop expecting others to behave the way you would, otherwise, you’ll be constantly disappointed.

Take off the rose coloured glasses, Pisces, and start seeing your partner for what they are: a real person, with virtues and flaws. With their own personality and way of doing things. They have their own feelings and their own way of expressing them. So, just observe, and if there’s anything that bothers you tell them. Perhaps it’s something that can be improved. But if they think there’s nothing they need to change, then you need to decide whether you want to stay with them or not.

If you’re single, you’ll have a romantic disillusionment when you learn the person you hold a candle for has family values which are strikingly different from yours.

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You feel the need to convince yourself that your job is useful for society. You’ll seek other people’s approval, forgetting that the way you feel deep down is what really matters. Trust your worth and your hard work, stop undervaluing yourself!

If you have a business and, lately, you’ve noticed your employees are a bit out of control, then the time has come to put things back in order. Remember that you’re not their friend, you’re their boss. Not a tyrant, but a leader who needs to show them the way in an assertive manner. Only thus will they respect you.


With the moon in your sign, it’s an ideal day to hydrate your skin and your hair. Natural, homemade masks will be great for this. Use extra virgin olive oil for your hair, and yoghurt and honey for your skin, you’ll be glowing afterwards!

It’s also a good time to do some exercises to boost your intuition. You have the best sixth sense in the Zodiac, but improving it is always great.