Venus leaves your sign and enters Aries. How others value you will be very important for you during this period. You might also become somewhat possessive with your partner, feeling they belong to you. This is a toxic feeling that can lead to fits of jealousy that won’t do the relationship any good.

If you're a single Pisces, you’ll have to be careful as you’ll attract possessive people and you might start a relationship with someone who vibrates at a low frequency and has negative intentions.

You’ll work hard to ensure your children want for nothing and to buy what you think will make them happy.

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If these past few weeks you’ve tried to make everyone comfortable, and you’ve even donated money due to your altruistic phase, today things will change. You’ll start placing a lot of value on your material assets and your money.

The position of the planets benefits you to get benefits without needing to make huge efforts, but you’ll be very austere. Your money will be for you and for your family, and no one else. You’ll be somewhat avaricious, and you’ll have false illusions that you own more than you actually have for which you’ll go through a consumerist phase.

From today and for the next month all professions linked to the arts and beauty will benefit (jewellers, stylists, beauticians, manicurists, etc).


Letting your self-esteem depend on other people's opinion of you isn’t healthy, little fish. You always try to own your self-love, but there are times of weakness where you care too much about what others think of you.

Work daily to make sure your personal value depends on you and no one else.

The moon in Leo will give you strength and good physical health this Friday.