Pisces horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Due to the disillusionment in your relationship, you’ll start a secret affair with a colleague who’s always complimenting you. You’ll exchange messages and very intimate pictures. Novelty and adrenaline will boost your self-esteem.

Be careful where you leave your phone though, especially if you don’t have a pass code to unblock it. Because your partner might see one of the racy messages from your new “friend”.

If you’re a single Pisces, you’ll find a new person to have some fun with, with no strings attached. This will do for now. But if you end up falling in love, chances are the other person will disappear from your life the second you mention it.

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If you work in a creative job such as being a photographer, inspiration will be on your side. Make the most of it to give the best of yourself, to show the world that you’re the best at what you do. Perhaps today you could do an exhibition and promote your work.

All other jobs and hobbies which involve creativity and sensibility will be favoured by the moon’s influence today.

Insecurity about the near future where you might find yourself living on your own again will make you put part of your joint savings in a separate account under your name. This might not be very ethical, but it is very prudent.


If you ask the universe for signs you need to be alert: a feather, a big insect, a melody, numerology, your dreams. The answer could be in any of these things, pointing you in the right direction.

The thrill experienced over the past few weeks will make you fall asleep 5 minutes into the film you’re watching. But both your day and night will be serendipitous.