Pisces horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


There are two tense aspects in your sign, other than your regent planet (which is also in Pisces). Both speak of love, relationships and dreams. This will be a very tough day for you, little fish. You’ll have to be careful, as you might even fall prey to depression.

Your idealization of your partner (or of your desire to have a relationship) will be affected and you’ll feel very unsatisfied and disappointed. You’ll feel downcast and you’ll want to isolate yourself from the world (and even from your loved ones). Your sadness will increase if you also have a codependent relationship with your partner.

This will be the energy that will influence your sign. But remember that even though the Universe has a plan, you still have free will. Our advice from the Magic Horoscope is to identify these feelings and accept them. Nobody is happy every single day, and that’s ok.

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Due to the astrological atmosphere, you’ll probably consider money less relevant than it is. So, if you don’t channel it well, you’ll probably end up buying (rather useless) things you don’t need; or making extremely risky investments and which will probably end badly. Basically, you’ll try to self-sabotage.

If your blog or website isn’t yielding the benefits you expected, there’s probably a reason for this: you’re not updating it regularly. You’re a master at starting a thousand things and getting bored of them within months. And you’ll continue like this until you find something you’re truly passionate about.


You’ve always been fearful of it, but today you’ll look for black magic spells and incantations. Be careful when employing the dark forces and energies, they’re very powerful and, at times, untamable.

Your physical health will go hand in hand with your mental health, so today will be a grey day, where you’ll be withdrawn and downcast. Tomorrow, with the arrival of Mercury in Sagittarius, your optimism will return.