When you feel sad you listen to playlists with songs that make you cry. And, when you need to believe in love, you watch romantic films. Big mistake, Pisces. Idealizing romantic love doesn’t do us any favours as a society or as individuals. We know that for your love is a pillar of life, but you need to understand there's no such thing as the perfect couple.

Eradicate that idealization, otherwise, no one will ever measure up to your expectations of love. Otherwise, you’ll go from one disillusion to the next.

If you have a pet, you’ll give it all of your affection. It’s a good day to bathe it, groom it, play together and buy some treats for it. If you don’t have one, you’ll probably want to stroke and hug every dog you see on the streets. But remember to ask for permission first!

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While you're cleaning, you’ll notice the absence of certain objects you've loaned. Which will also remind you of all the money you’ve given to others. All those people haven't even been kind enough to ask if you needed your money back or to mention that they can’t pay it back yet. It’s time to claim back what’s yours and to do all the phone calls that are necessary.

Creating things with your own hands to then sell them is a very satisfying and gratifying job. If you’re unemployed you might try artisanal jewellery, creating earrings or necklaces with magical gemstones. This way you’ll also be integrating your more mystical side.


Financial matters will perturb your mental peace today. You need to feel you have financial stability to be more relaxed. Your security will be reliant on your savings and material goods over the next few days. But don’t forget that money doesn’t make happiness, the most important thing is to have good health and love (family and friends).