Prepare to be the protagonist of the day, the centre of attention and to have all eyes on you. Mercury in trigone with Neptune will give you a unique sensual vibe. Plus, your communication will be paused but potent, clear, concise and harmonious. You’ll be able to transmit your ideas and you’ll change people’s minds.

Without meaning to, you’ll become some sort of spiritual or political guide to your friends (or even your partner). Your words will resonate like universal truths and you could use this gift to do a good deed for your community.

Your self-esteem will also be very high, and you’ll value yourself properly, without being arrogant. Your partner will be fascinated by your speeches, but also by your gestures and movements. And, if you're a single Pisces, don’t doubt that some of your friends or colleagues will become your secret admirers.

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Your natural-born leader aura will translate into your job if you work in a team. Most times this will go unnoticed. But any suggestions you make out loud will be taken into account and will be made a priority. This can come in handy when you request improvement of the working conditions in your department, or even request a promotion if you think you deserve one.

This is a great day to close deals with business partners. Your power of negotiation could increase your profit margins and, therefore, the benefits.

Your computer or laptop needs a good clean up and defragmenting. Rather than looking up prices to buy a new one, it’s not broken!


The astrological movements such as today’s give you lucid or vivid dreams. But they’re likely to reveal something about yourself, of what image you have of yourself. Perhaps you need to improve some aspect of your personality you don’t like, which you need to work on improving.

It’s not a good day for getting your nails done, as they’ll grow faster than usual, and you’ll have to get them done again in no time.