Pisces Horoscope Sunday
Your Pisces Horoscope for Sunday | Magic Horoscope


The sun will be in conjunction with your regent planet, Neptune, in your sign. Every one of your pores will scream “ME!”. Your identity and the way in which you express and feel things will be very important to you this Sunday. Plus, with Venus in conjunction with Uranus in your area of communication, you’ll want everyone to know it.

You’ll feel proud of your virtues as a Pisces, and they’ll be enhanced by the god of the sea. Your creativity and romance will be the main protagonists but putting yourself before anyone else. Not in a selfish way, but out of a place of self-love.

Especially if you're a woman, you’ll fight, and you’ll yell “enough!” at the world. That archaic archetypes must fall, and you’ll raise our voice until you're heard, and change ensues.

If you're single you won’t have time to look at anybody other than yourself, and you’ll pay yourself the attention you deserve, and you’ll feel how valuable you are.

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Your communication style will be subtly revolutionary, creative and innovative. You’ll be a source of inspiration for others and your words could heal other people’s emotional wounds.

You’ll meet new people with whom you might make travel and work plans for a project that has a lot to do with your current values. Put a pin on this idea for a while before giving a final answer.

You’ll create a contact network thanks to your knowledge, studies and projections. From here onwards you’ll find jobs all month long that will increase your income.


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