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Neptune is doing a trigone in relation to the sun, which will positively influence your love life. If you’re in a steady relationship, you’ll enjoy the love and closeness of your partner, you’ll even feel you’re connected on a spiritual level. Sexuality will be experienced in a very tender and loving way.

If you’re single, today you might start a relationship with someone very similar to yourself, as they’ll be very sensitive and spiritual. Where will you find that soulmate? You should look at the groups or clubs that you’re a part of. This union will be blessed by the star and will be filled with joy.

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It’s time to set new rules and work structures at work. If you have your own business and have employees, you’ll have to carry out a restructuring of everybody’s roles in the company. They’ll have to take on new schedules and tasks. Plus, you should personally inform them of any anomaly or problem. This way you’ll get greater benefits for your company.

If you have a stable job, you should also change your habits and routines to be more efficient. Silence your phone until lunchtime, don’t go on social media and don’t chat with your colleagues too much. Focus on your job and this effort will be rewarded in the near future.


You’ll feel great Pisces, but Saturn reminds you not to quit your healthy routines. Make a calendar where you can write every day whether you’ve achieved your goals (healthy eating, working out, meditating, etc) and hang it up where you can see it, for example, on the fridge door.

This way you’ll have a visual reminder to never give up. Each time you complete a week, treat yourself a little as a reward.