Venus is in conjunction with the black moon (Lilith) today in your area of self-esteem. This aspect will give you great sensuality and a strong magnetism. You’ll want to enjoy your sexuality to the most. Your values will be questioned and will turn cloudy which could make you be unfaithful. This will happen if you think the person you're being unfaithful is actually your true love.

But you might be falling into the trap of mixing love with money. Do you really like that person because of their personality and beauty? Or is the fact that they’re very wealthy what makes you dream of a comfortable life full of luxury? Before you act impulsively, remember that money comes and goes, as everything in life moves in cycles.

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For Pisces we foresee a black day in terms of your finances: financial problems, debt or sacrificing material assets will turn your world upside down. Plus, the moon in Leo will make you spend more on beauty products or health-related objects (for example, buying expensive activewear). You might also waste money on parties and fun.

On the other hand, your creativity will go through an expansive phase. And, even though it’s Sunday, it’s a good day to work, as your ideas will be very direct and fluid.


You’ll need to release some physical and sexual energy. Today’s decisions will have consequences which you might not imagine right now, but later on, you’ll have to own your actions.

Today there’ll be moments where you’ll reflect on your values and your self-esteem and concept of love.

Your physical health will be great, and any recoveries will be fast.