A friend might betray your trust and reveal intimate secrets of your relationship. You’ll meet a lot of people, Pisces, but not all of them will stay in your life. In this case, you’ll have to cut all ties with this person and be more careful when sharing your secrets.

This will impact your relationship, as your partner won’t take kindly to having your intimate matters aired out in front of others. They know it’s not your fault, but they’ll be annoyed at you all day long anyway.

If you're overwhelmed by your children’s energy or stubbornness, it’s because you haven’t set clear boundaries (or you've just let them break those boundaries when it suited you). Now it will be a lot harder to get them back into a strict routine.

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The monotonous tasks you’re carrying out this week are making you drag your feet. You’ll wake up not wanting to go to work and you’ll be easily distracted by everything around you. You need some creativity in your work, or you become downcast. If you don’t like the kind of work you’re doing right now, talk to your supervisors. And if you’re self-employed, just don’t accept that kind of job anymore.

Your good heart loves helping others. At times you’ve sold objects you no longer used to acquaintances and you’ve told them “you’ll pay me back when you can”. But these people don't give you a penny when they have money. You should start being pickier in this respect, as you're losing money.


Romantic tension will make you struggle with anxiety all day long. The atmosphere at home could exasperate you, as your partner might ask for some space. To take your mind off things, you’ll overeat, and you might even turn to unhealthy food.

Rather than doing this, try to manage your anxiety through mediation or exercise.