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You know that, in order for a relationship to work, you need to persevere and take care of it every day. So today you’ll be willing to surprise your partner. Send them pictures of you two when you first started dating or cook them their favourite dish for dinner, and eat surrounded by candles, these are very efficient and romantic ideas.

Your way of showing your love and admiration is unique and your partner really appreciates it. The rest of the evening will be filled with laughter and cuddles. Enjoy it without worrying about tomorrow.

If you’re single but getting to know someone, your imagination might get the best of you. If you think they aren’t replying because they’re not interested anymore, you’re wrong. They’re just busy. Pisces, put your feet back on the ground and enjoy the present moment.

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This week you’ve paid nearly all the bills. Even though there’s still a couple pending, you realize you have more money available than you thought. It’s great news! The best thing will be to not put it in the bank (otherwise you’ll use your debit card willy-nilly and it will be gone before you know it), just keep it at home. Split it 50/50: 50% of that extra money you can put away with your other savings. And the other 50% you can spend as you please throughout the month.

You’ll get a call to solve a problem at work, and this time you’ll have to go. But make it very clear that next time they’ll have to call somebody else.


Did you know your tongue says a lot about your health? That white and sticky layer on top of your tongue could be a sign of infection. See your doctor as soon as possible and, until then, brush your teeth after every meal (as you should do) and do gargles with warm water with bicarbonate of soda for 2 minutes, twice a day.