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There’s no better way to start the week than in the arms of someone who loves you and wants you. However, you’ll feel confused when you meet a group of people from a socio-cultural sphere very different from your own, who will dazzle you. Try to be discrete about it, as you could hurt your partner’s feelings over something irrelevant. Your need to have fun and discover other ways of living is great, as long as it doesn’t hurt your loved ones.

Love is something you’ll never lack in your life. The Sun’s trajectory through the sign of Cancer warms your heart with good times and declarations which make you feel very safe.

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Your sixth sense will be switched on and alert, but today you’ll have a revelation of supernatural proportions. You’ll know how to be at the right place at the right time to improve your position and prestige.

Your scope of work is very wide and ever developing, so you shouldn’t fear to lose your position.

Get rid of any doubts by asking your boss if you’re walking on thin ice. If you keep mulling over it, you could make a senseless mistake.

Today’s lucky number for Pisces is 70. This number connects you with your entrepreneurial nature. Collaboration could be the solution to many of your problems. Leading a task force with other people who are compatible with you professionally could be one of the most profitable alternatives right now.


Your physical health will be alright today, although you’ll feel tired and a bit run down. You might be struggling with allergies or hay fever caused by pollen or other environmental factors. Neptune is still making trouble. Drink lots of tea with lemon and honey.