Pisces Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


None of your dreams will be possible if you feel everything is an obstacle. You’re currently hypersensitive due to the effects of the moon on Sagittarius and that makes you take everything personally. Any words could offend you or make you so sad you’ll be on the brink of tears.

When you’re in a situation where you feel everybody is against you, or that you’re being underappreciated or unloved, try to clear your mind by thinking of something else and enjoy the moment without overthinking things. You’ll avoid worries and you’ll enjoy your Saturday a lot more if you feel light and relaxed.

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You need to pay attention to your dreams and your thoughts. Remember that your sign is one of the most receptive of the zodiac and this helps you find magical solutions where you’d never thought to look before.

New vocations will awaken in you, which will motivate you to discover new professions or trades. Reality will show you there’s a lot more to the world than you know, and there are nearly infinite ways of working.

Meet up with people who stimulate you, who look at life with optimism and with whom you can share ideas and visions of a better future. Steer clear of negative and pessimistic people who drag you into a melancholy mood. Today you won’t have the strength to help them even if you wanted to.


The health of your feet isn’t only relevant when you’re barefoot, it can be seen in the way you walk, and it is reflected in your relaxed expression.

Did you know your feet take you on the equivalent of 4 trips around the world throughout your life? Think about how hard they work on a daily basis and how very little attention they get.

If you have calluses, ingrown nails or other problems, try to see a podologist to help you achieve the wellbeing you deserve.